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10 Key Points to Build Your Food & Beverage Brand

Running your business is like a roller coaster - am I right? Wearing all those hats, building your brand presence, succeeding, being challenged and all the ups and downs in between. The goal is to celebrate the ups and learn from the lows. Here are my top 10 key points to build your food and beverage brand. Enjoy!

  1. Live Your Story: Communicate an authentic and compelling story that allows your brand and your products to stand out. Build strong Reasons to Believe and connect with your community.
  2. Build your Business with Purpose: Align who you are and what you do, so that you can make your biggest possible contribution — for yourself and for others.
  3. Know your Audience and your Competitors: It is crucial to know who you are targeting and what the competitive landscape looks like.
  4. Challenge & Accelerate the Trend - Encourage Trial: Be the trend leader and reduce the risk of trying something new.
  5. Steward an Omni Channel Program: Have a multi-channel approach - online, in-store, mobile, social - with cross-promotions and influential conversations.
  6. Influence the Influencers: Build a strong relationship with category influencers that have leadership and leverage in your community. They can help you build your fan base.
  7. Connect with Digital Content: Everything connects: social engagement leads to a relationship that leads to research and e-commerce education that leads to an informed purchase.
  8. Generate Shelf Presence: Design, messaging, packaging choice, shelf placement, brand blocking. Disrupt at the shelf and get noticed.
  9. Provide Retailer Value: When you support your retailers they support you.
  10. Have Fun: Celebrate the wins and learn from the challenges.


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