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Brand Guide and C Dev Web Design Collaborate to Provide Stellar Website Design and Direction for Ku Cha House of Tea

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Brand Guide and C Dev Website Design have collaborated to develop and design a modern and dynamic website for Ku Cha House of Tea. The website was updated with a responsive visual user interface as well as adding dynamic functions like testimonials and “tea of the month”. The objective was to bring to life the authenticity of the brand while including engaging functions that allowed the consumer to easily find what they were looking for.

“C Dev Web Design elevated the Ku Cha House of Tea website Zend Php backend with a modern design and navigation. The refined home page and product details allowed for a smarter and more inviting experience for our consumers. Brent was dedicated to staying true to the roots of our business with authenticity while adding a more modern design.”

Rong Pan, Founder Ku Cha House of Tea

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About Ku Cha House of Tea
We celebrate and explore the cultural authenticity of tea by introducing everyone to Ku Cha House of Tea through a wide selection of whole-leaf teas and authentic teaware from around the world.

Ku Cha House of Tea is a premium whole-leaf tea retailer located in Colorado with three locations in Boulder, Fort Collins, and Cherry Creek plus robust direct-to-consumer sales. Founders Rong Pan and Qin Liu have a traditional and authentic Chinese background, and the goal for the project was to harness this authenticity but modernize the design and showcase their tea expertise.

Authentic Messaging is Key

Authentic messaging and website design that aligns with your brand and tells an engaging story are crucial for your success. Kristine and Brent can work with you to accelerate your business and achieve your goals. Key initiatives: communications strategy, website development, and design, social media, content strategy, SEO, and more.
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