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Brand Guide and McKenna Daniels Design have partnered together with 40+ years of combined experience to offer brand messaging and design capabilities to emerging and growth-stage companies. With the goal to drive growth and awareness for your business, Brand Guide and McKenna Daniels Design focus on better-for-you businesses in the natural, outdoor, and personal care categories. We can help you position your brand for success through your messaging, packaging, and marketing activations.

Brand Guide and McKenna Daniels Design worked together with Ku Cha House of Tea and the launch of their ready to drink (RTD) premium canned teas.


The first step was for Kristine Carey founder of Brand Guide to research the tea category and understand key trends and dive deeper with a competitive analysis looking for gaps in the market and highlighting areas of interest. The goal of the ready-to-drink tea was to drive awareness for Ku Cha House of Tea overall but more importantly, diversify beyond whole-leaf with an RTD option and a new channel of distribution in grocery during the COVID-19 pandemic. The RTD tea segment comprises about 50% of the total market share and is expected to grow at a modest growth of 1 – 3% CAGR over the next five years.

About Ku Cha House of Tea

Ku Cha House of Tea is a premium whole-leaf tea retailer located in Colorado with three locations in Boulder, Fort Collins, and Cherry Creek. Founders Rong Pan and Qin Liu have a traditional and authentic Chinese background, and the goal for the project was to harness this authenticity but liven the RTD tea offering with modern flare

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Ku Cha House of Tea

We celebrate and explore the cultural authenticity of tea by introducing everyone to Ku Cha House of Tea through a wide selection of whole-leaf teas and authentic teaware from around the world.

Our mission is to bring together the community through tea education and storytelling, inviting people to enjoy the medicinal and emotional benefits of drinking tea.

Let’s explore the world of tea together

McKenna Daniels Design

Using the industry and competitive data research Katie Daniels, founder of McKenna Daniels got to work in the design stage and stayed true to Ku Cha Chinese history and authenticity, creating watercolor and Asian-inspired pen and ink illustrations combined with modern typography and colors. A premium effect was achieved with a metallic sheen paper choice for printing, that is unique in the tea category.
Five flavors each have a charming pen-and-ink illustration style, including an ancient Chinese art form, adding authenticity to the brand. The vertical font treatment and vivid color palette added a modern feeling. The competitive set offering of the tea category shelf is primarily black and simple, lacking design and interest. The Ku Cha House of Tea RTD canned tea pops off the shelf with an artful package design that truly defines the quality of the tea inside.

“The partnership of Kristine and Katie allowed Ku Cha House of Tea to bring business acumen and artistic inspiration to the design and launch of our premium canned tea. They were both dedicated to the project providing great insights and direction. They were easy to work with and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.” Rong Pan, Founder Ku Cha House of Tea

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About McKenna Daniels Design
For over 20 years, McKenna Daniels Design has created successful, smart, beautiful design and branding for a range of clients across the U.S., with a focus on natural products and organizations that support the earth and its people. We can help your brand or product tell a clear, consistent story rooted in strategy. The visual language we create will draw in your audience, through identity design, package design, printed materials, and interactive work.

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