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Execute, Engage, and Excite With Authentic and Consistent Content

It is time to kick-start your content strategy and grow your business awareness. Every three months I like to have a post-it party for my clients’ content strategy. I jot down topics and ideas, build a timeline and start to batch write the content. I’m sure you are posting to social media and creating a blog post here and there. But it is time to pull together a content strategy that you can be proud of. But where do you start? You can start with your own post-it party and take a look at these three areas you can focus your energy and create content that is consistent and authentic.

  1. Link Your Content Strategy To The Vision Of Your Company
  2. Follow a 30/60/10 Content Strategy Rule
  3. Create A Content Calendar And Bulk Write Your Content

Link Your Content Strategy To The Vision Of Your Company

Your Content Strategy, Objectives, and Tactics should all align with your company Vision - they are all connected as part of consistent messaging. Your vision is the inspiration that drives your business so be sure to connect your content strategy to this vision. Don’t just talk about your products, share ideas and topics that relate to the passion that drives your business. If your company’s vision and purpose are to change the behavior of consumers to help make an impact on climate, be sure to share stories, tips, and actions that your fans can follow to take action. Or for example, you could collaborate with The Sierra Club or 350 Colorado to generate action and awareness for key campaigns. Build a story that is bigger than your products that aligns with your vision. Your target audience will get involved with you and soon you will have a bigger community moving full steam ahead.

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Follow a 30/60/10 Content Strategy Rule

Thirty percent of your content should be owned-original content to engage. This is the content you create for your blog, a catchy infographic, or life hacks that you share in your social space. Other ideas are how-to’s or videos of behind-the-scenes of your company.

Sixty percent should be curated content to share and gain new fans, content created by others but relevant to your brand and category. Newsjacking, for example, is considered curated content. Take advantage of current events, trending topics, or news stories that you can share and repost. When you share a newsjack, include a lead-in with your brand messaging spin - you need to connect it. Always include one or two sentences about why the story is relevant to your company.

The last topic is 10% of your content should be promotional and used to sell your “stuff”. Too much selling turns people off. By suggesting promotional offers less frequently, your consumers will likely be more engaged and willing to entertain your offer. The other 90% of owned and curated content will help you sell, but in a more subtle manner.

Create A Content Calendar And Bulk Write Your Content

A content calendar is an important element of organizing and planning out your content. It can include the elements of your website, blog, social media, email marketing, and influencer partnerships. A calendar will make sure that all your marketing efforts are consistent and authentic to your company vision and your brand personality. You can create a monthly calendar that highlights influencer collaborations, themes, promotions, like-minded brand collaborations, and holidays. 

Everything connects and when you are focused on one topic or theme each month you can be sure all your messaging is aligned. I also recommend creating your content in batches to be effective - if you focus attention on your content one day a week or month you can be proactive in writing your topics and creating a consistent schedule. Don’t let content be a reactive piece of your business. Proactive engagement is crucial to keep your current and potential customers interested in what you have to offer. Be a thought leader and entertain your fans. They will love you for it. 

Content engagement is crucial as a connection to your fans. Execute with original and curated content. Engage and be a part of the conversation - post, and comment regularly. Excite your fans and influencers to do the talking - when your fans talk about your company and products that makes you more credible and believable. The goal of your content strategy is to bring together the right topics and campaigns and grow the interactions through a network of information, opinions, and conversations. 

If you want more details on building a solid content strategy for your business check out the Execute, Engage, and Excite With Authentic Content webinar I am hosting in partnership with the Grand Junction Business Incubator Center. I’ll have more detailed info on setting your objectives and tactics and goals for leveraging your content. May 23rd at 10 am 

Also, check out 10 Key Actions You Can Implement To Grow Your Business. This webinar will outline key areas to accelerate your business. Topics for discussion will include: accelerating trends, stewarding an omnichannel program, connecting your digital content, and providing retailer value. May 20th at 10 am.

Kristine Carey is the founder of Brand Guide and Brandamentals Academy™, advising companies on marketing communication strategy, tactics, and brand development. Kristine has executively led marketing communications programs in the natural products category with such brands as Food Business Consulting, Wedderspoon Organic, Healthy Skoop, and MyChelle Dermaceuticals, and the outdoor industry with Sierra Designs, Ultimate Direction, and Mountainsmith.


Have questions or need help setting your content strategy? Lets Talk.

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