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  • Six Steps to Win your Consumer

    on their Path to Purchase

    In this FREE webinar, we will walk through key strategies, tactics, and messages that you can use to grow your business.


    Are you looking for a roadmap that will engage your consumer on their path to purchase? Look no further, in my upcoming FREE webinar: Six Steps to Win your Consumer on their Path to Purchase, I’m sharing Six Areas of the Consumer Path You Can Leverage in your Business: Discovery, Engagement, Trial, Conversion, Loyalty and Advocacy.


    Connecting with your consumer and building fan trust is the most important goal you have as a brand. This trust builds an emotional connection. That emotional connection builds engagement, conversion, loyalty, and ultimately advocacy.

    This webinar will outline key areas for you to focus on and make an impact.

    • Understand the journey your customers take from your brand being an unknown, to brand loyalty.
    • Invest in each turn along the journey and invite your consumer to hop in for the ride.
    • Build products and experiences that connect with your customer.
    • Engage your consumers and keep them coming back for more.
    • Build lasting relationships that shape your brand and bring loyalty and advocacy to the forefront.
  • Two Dates to Choose From

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    May 4, 2021


    10 PST, 11 MST, 12 CST, 1 EST

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    May 5, 2021


    12 PST, 1 MST, 2 CST 3 EST

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    Bill Capsalis

    Executive Director, Naturally Boulder and 25-year natural products industry veteran

    “What Kristine has created with Brandamentals Academy™ is exactly what every emerging brand needs. She has a practical no-nonsense approach to sophisticated and smart brand strategy. Her roadmap for engaging consumers will provide clarity and ideas that will guide you from feeling overwhelmed to being focused on engaging ideas.”

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