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So You Want to be a FoodPreneur.

How To Get Started Building Your

Food and Beverage Business

So You Want to be a FoodPreneur.

How To Get Started Building Your Food and Beverage Business

So you want to start a better-for-you food business. Congratulations! More consumers are shifting their attention to healthier options as wellness is top of mind. The road to success is a roller coaster ride, but one that is definitely worth riding. The goal is to understand the challenges and know how to improvise, adapt and overcome the ups and downs while still having a good time.

The FoodPreneur E-Book from Brand Guide is a roadmap to get you started down the path of success. Included are some initial recommendations to think about: category insights, networking connections, and brand positioning guidelines that will guide you as you build your food business. Great info is included with Natural Merchandiser market overview, SPINS data and a 12 month sales cycle. I top it off with a list of great resources for potential partners, industry news and data.

My goal with the book is to help foodpreneurs accelerate awareness and growth in your business through focused steps. You can check out more information about the E-Book on my website. And you can download a free excerpt.

Accelerate Awareness and Growth In Your Business

  • Know your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and strengths
  • Find the white space to be unique
  • Solve your customers problems
  • Know what is happening in your category
  • Innovate and build good partnerships
  • Share your story with consistency and authenticity
  • Stay Relevant and have fun

If you are looking for help with your food and beverage brand, I can help. Schedule a complimentary discovery conversation here.





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