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Naturally Boulder 2023 Trends to Watch

What's in Store for the Industry

Key Insights

Naturally Boulder 2023 Trends to Watch: What's in Store for the Industry

Key Insights

Naturally Boulder presented 2023 Trends to Watch - What's in Store for the Industry. There were so many insights for the coming year that can help your business grow. I have highlighted some key insights and trends from the panel discussion and included links to download reports from Nielsen IQ and New Hope Network. Bill Capsalis Executive Director of Naturally Boulder hosted the panel with panelists Jessica Rubino from New Hope Network, Sherry Frey from Nielsen IQ and Daniel Carpenter from SRG.


  • Unstructured eating - at home and away. Consumers are becoming more flexible on the day parts with unscheduled mini meals
  • Power to the pickle - fermented products are gaining speed with flavor and probiotic benefits and the category is growing beyond just pickles, miso, kimchi, kombucha and sauerkraut
  • Health and wellness is now a shared altruistic priority across consumers, companies, and governments Altruistic motivators
  • Happiness and love have become intrinsically linked with empowerment, a message embraced by a range of supplement and functional food and beverage companies that are delivering health results, while establishing an emotional bond with their customer. Top 2022 Trends & 2023 Predictions
  • Mood, and joy are key factors to drive interest inpurchase as consumers look to take control of their health
    • Consumers continue to proactively use food as medicine
    • Immunity is tapering off, instead looking for holistic options
  • Digestive health is now playing a bigger role as gut health is important to emotional and physical health 152% growth in Gut Health (think supplements and fermented food products)
  • Defining healthy, better for you and clean label has been challenging - Look for the FDA info on added sugars on the new nutrition facts label FDA: Use of the Term Healthy on Food Labeling FDA info on added sugars on the new nutrition facts label
  • Healthy aging is become more and more important with boomers wanting to maintain independence, want to be sure their mental acuity stays - looking for supplements that help with brain health
  • Regenerative Ag is growing, consumer interest is peaking but it is still a small piece of companies offering/sourcing Fairtrade America's 2023 trends include regenerative agriculture
  • Sustainability is driving growth. Consumers are seeing the economic and social cost of sustainable inaction. Played against an already volatile economic landscape and a challenged energy market, a bevy of broken solutions brought focused attention to issues such as environmentally depleting supply chain practices and energy-dependent routes to market. According to new NielsenIQ survey data, 46% of consumers are looking to brands to take the lead on creating sustainable change. Trend watch 2023: Sustainability
  • Social responsibility key trends
    • Animal welfare, Environmental sustainability, Packaging sustainability
    • Products with these claims have seen growth over the last five years
    • Price premium can be charged based on the category
    • Use sustainability to collaborate and bring change in the world/category, not just a differentiator
    • Consumer are still willing to pay (even in a economically unstable time) additional for purpose and sustainable, animal welfare mission based companies/products

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