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What Is A Brand Positioning Statement?

Why Do I Need One For My Company?

A brand positioning statement is an internal guiding compass for your business. It will effectively identify your brand’s path and you will be on your way to successfully communicate your brand story - consistently and authentically.  You want your company positioning statement to be something that you and your team can repeat verbally and visually over and over again. Every sales, operation, product, and marketing decision you make regarding your brand has to align with and support your positioning statement. In simplest terms a brand positioning statement describes what your company does, the target audience, and what makes you different.

Your Brand Positioning Statement is a distillation of your brand strategy that outlines the objectives and tactics for your company so you stand out in the market. The overall strategy is crucial to grab the attention of your target audience and develop consistent and authentic communications tactics and messaging.

Your Positioning Statement Is Important Because:

  1. It is an unmistakable and an easily understood picture of your brand that differentiates from your competitors
  2. It brings credibility to your business and delivers on your promise
  3. It is simple and memorable and tailored to your business
  4. It “forces” you to develop consistent and authentic messaging

There Are Five Components To Your Positioning Statement

  1. Target audience
  2. Frame of reference
  3. Differentiating benefit
  4. Reasons to believe
  5. Brand personality 

Target Audience

The demographic and psychographic of your intended consumer and buyer. Broad enough to grow your business, but sufficiently discriminating to guide the communication development​.

Frame of Reference

The category of products or services you offer. This is based on your mission statement: what the company does.

Differentiating Benefit

The brand’s competitive advantage - an emotional and/or rational benefit that identifies and differentiates​. Based on the white space you are filling in your competitive category.

Reasons to Believe

The product and service attributes justifying the belief that your differentiated benefit is true and valuable. The proof points that provide trustworthiness of your brand.

Brand Personality

The key adjectives that define your brand's characteristics. Connecting the visuals and the tone of voice that are your brand character. This element is optional. But worthy of inclusion when your company personality and connection to its audience is a key component to who you are

Here Is A Great Visual Template For Outlining Your Positioning Statement

To Get Us Inspired Let’s Take A Look At A Few Positioning Statement Examples


Target Audience: For individuals who want the best personal computer or mobile device, 

Frame of Reference: Apple leads the technology industry with the most innovative products. 

Differentiating Benefit: So they can enjoy seamless experiences across all Apple devices and be empowered with breakthrough services. 

RTB: Apple emphasizes technological research and advancement and takes an innovative approach to business best practices -- it considers the impact our products and processes have on its customers and the planet.


Target Audience: For creative professionals with an eye for capturing and sharing beauty

Frame of Reference: Digital point and shoot that delivers a window to their world

Differentiating Benefit: Experience deeper connections through a shared perspective

RTB: 100-year history of developing new technologies that allow you to capture and share your experiences in the purest form, it’s as if you were there

MyChelle Dermaceuticals

Target Audience: For the woman who “wants it all” when it comes to her skin

Frame of Reference: MyChelle Dermaceuticals is powerful skincare 

Differentiating Benefit: with a passion for unique combinations and concentrations of dermaceuticals and bioactive ingredient

RTB: Dermaceuticals™, Seeded in science and rooted in nature™, tested on skincare experts and recommended by girlfriends

Personality: with a unique personality that is​ friendly, optimistic, genuine, smart and a bit sassy.​

Joe’s Amazing American Cheese

Target Audience: For Foodies and American Families 

Frame of Reference: Joe’s Amazing is the brand of Amazing Cheese 

Differentiating Benefit: with a passion for American heritage, and ooey, gooey delicious taste

RTB: Flavor disruption to your next recipe

Time To Write Your Positioning Statement

The template I have provided is a guide and the wording you choose doesn’t have to match this format exactly.  Most importantly include the company frame of reference, point of di