• Brandamentals Academy™

    eLearning marketing communications curriculum for startup and emerging brands

    that are purpose-driven with better-for-you products and services

  • How to Position your Brand for Success with Authentic and Consistent Messaging

    Workshop Launching Again Q2, 2021
    In this course, you will clarify your brand vision and create brand messaging that builds trust and connection and outlines a successful roadmap for consistent and authentic messaging.

    Kristine will share her roadmap for brand success.

    This course is for your if:

    • You are frustrated that you feel inconsistent and disorganized with your company vision and messaging
    • You are struggling to outline your unique selling proposition and differentiate your company from your competitors
    • You are searching for more clarity on your company vision, mission and honing in our your target audience
    • You are ready to invest in your business and product to take it to the next level
  • Brandamentals Academy™ - How It Works

    How to Position Your Brand For Success With Consistent Messaging - New Session: January 2021


    6-Week Online Workshop

    The six-week workshop is a weekly live video with explanations, examples, and exercises.


    Workbook Exercises

    Each week has a correlating workbook with exercises and questions for you to work through.


    1:1 Mentoring

    VIP option includes individual mentor calls. Advice and insights for your brand! You can ask questions on course topics and specific questions for your company.

  • What They Are Saying

    Brandamentals Academy™

    Bill Capsalis

    CEO Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy 25 year natural products industry veteran

    “What Kristine has created with Brandamentals Academy™ is exactly what every emerging brand needs. Her practical no-nonsense approach to sophisticated and smart brand strategy is often out of reach financially for most companies because branding agencies often charge 5 to 10 times as much for the same advice. Kristine has created a step by step process to ensure that your brand will look and feel professional and ready for prime time. I can’t say enough about the DIY aspects of this approach with the added bonus of personal check-ins with a true marketing professional. So before you hire that branding agency, consider signing up with Brandamentals Academy™ today – you won’t regret it.”.

  • How To Position Your Brand For Success With Consistent And Authentic Messaging

    The six-week course will be a live video with explanations, examples, and exercises.
    The VIP option also includes 1:1 mentorship.

    Module 1
    Why Branding is Important for Your Business

    & Conducting a SWOT Analysis

    • Brand identity clarifies and forces focus - once you define your vision and mission you can always fall back on it easily and determine if the next opportunity aligns or not.
    • Branding builds loyalty with current fans and generates new customers - keeping the conversation engaging.
    • Branding builds financial value - a polished brand shows devotion and invites investors and partnerships.
    • BONUS: Conduct a SWOT analysis to understand and outline the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

    Module 2

    Company Vision

    • You will create and share your company inspiration, commitment, and purpose with a strong roadmap built on your core ideals
    • You will align with four to five core values and principles that will shape the company culture and future direction

    Module 3
    Company Mission

    • You will define the driving force of your business and what you do
    • You will identify and validate who you do it for by defining your target audience and ideal customer avatar
    • Crucial to understanding your brand uniqueness you will conduct a competitive analysis, identifying, investigating, and analyzing the competitive set and your category overall

    Module 4

    Reasons to Believe

    • You will understand business proof points that bring trust and begin to outline the problem to solve for your consumer
    • You will define your company “reasons to believe” with relevant and positive evidence

    Module 5
    Brand Character

    • You will detail out the personality of your company and how you share your story
    • You’ll discover a tone of voice that will define your communications and engage your target audience

    Module 6


    • You will gather up all the lessons and pull them together to build a strong positioning statement that will define your brand
    • You will outline your communications next steps to share your message to your target audience
  • What They Are Saying

    Brandamentals Academy™

    Joan Boykin

    Founder Joan Boykin Consulting: Senior Consultant to Conscious Businesses

    “In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, it is more challenging than ever to launch and sustain a successful brand. That’s precisely why effective brand building is critical. Brandamentals Academy can guide you through the process, step by measured step. To all energetic, passionate entrepreneurs, leaders and managers needing a reliable roadmap to brand growth, I highly recommend Brandamentals Academy!”

  • My Promise to You

    In this workshop, you will create brand messaging that is powerful and noteworthy improving your business recognition and awareness. I’ll be sharing my proven roadmap to brand building that will help you grow and activate your target audience.

    Brandamentals Academy™
    A comprehensive eLearning marketing communications curriculum for startup and emerging brands that are purpose-driven with better-for-you products and services.

    How to position your brand for success with consistent and authentic messaging. 

    An in-depth six-week workshop and roadmap that will help you finetune your company vision and mission, develop your unique selling point with brand benefits, outline your brand character and prepare implementation steps making your brand memorable, and building sales.

    By the end of this program you will:

    • Grasp the value that Branding brings to your company with clarity, focus, and a roadmap for success
    • Conduct a SWOT analysis to better align with your strengths and the opportunities
    • Define your true vision and express your full impact on the world
    • Outline a well-developed mission and validate your target consumer
    • Conduct a competitive analysis to show the gaps where you can excel
    • Align your company with relevant and positive proof points 
    • Discover and create a brand personality that connects and engages 
    • Outline the steps to share your message with consistent and authentic messaging
  • What They Are Saying

    Brandamentals Academy™

    Joe Houlihan

    CEO and Founder Joe's Amazing

    “I had the pleasure of working with Brand Guide while preparing Joe's Amazing for the marketplace. The resources and expertise provided were invaluable and the exercises we completed were extremely helpful in crafting a meaningful vision for the company and messaging that would resonate with the right consumer. We now have a clear direction for our brand and a framework for execution. I highly recommend Brandamentals Academy, both for big-picture brand development and for building tailored brand strategies that are deployable and effective with today's consumer.”

  • Brandamentals Academy™

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    How to Position Your Brand For Success With Consistent and Authentic Messaging

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