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With uncertain times, consumer relationships are more important than ever

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Understanding the journey your customers take from your brand being an unknown, to brand loyalty can be a winding road. The goal is to invest in each turn along the journey and invite your consumer to hop in for the ride. What is paramount for any brand is to build products and experiences that connect with your customer. It is these experiences and touchpoints that engage consumers and keep them coming back for more. Building lasting relationships that shape your brand and bring loyalty and advocacy to the forefront are critical in today’s market.

The Path to Consumer journey is a holistic adventure that opens many doors of choice for the consumer. The goal is to take focused steps where you can engage and interact with your customers in a meaningful way. While the Path can appear linear, in reality, it is more circuitous in nature. One step leads to the next and for a brand to be successful, customers need to be re-engaged over and over again, thus creating a harmonious circle.

With uncertain times and COVID-19, consumer relationships are more important than ever. Three important messaging tips to keep in mind.

  1. Don’t Go Dark - remain top of mind
    1. Serve your fans with free services: yoga classes, new recipes for sheltering at home, meditation, etc.
    2. Show up in a HUMAN way with emotions that rely on your core values
  2. Don’t Force Sell
    1. People are not connecting to products right now - they are looking for deeper meaning
    2. Tell a story - humbly - about how you are supporting the cause
  3. Find your digital MoJo
    1. Build sales funnels with your email platform
    2. Create retargeting campaigns to capture abandon carts
    3. Develop digital ads and content using strong keywords and SEO