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Connect With Consumers

Beyond Your Products.

Six simple topics that will help your company connect with consumers beyond your products.

Connect With Your Consumers Beyond your Products. A powerful brand is built on emotions - and many purchasing decisions come down to how you make your customers and retailers feel.

Creating a personality and lifestyle branding for your food & beverage company can be complicated. But with a few defining guardrails your company can stand out against the competition. I believe there are six simple topics that will help your company connect with consumers beyond your products.

Vision, Values, Mission, Target Audience, Reasons to Believe and Brand Personality

When building your business it is important to go beyond your products features and benefits and connect with your consumer through a bigger story. Maybe as a lifestyle brand that is part of your consumers everyday life as a friend who shares ideas, connections and inspiration. I have outlined a few key topics that can help you build your story.

  1. Define the vision and purpose of the company. What is the reason the company was started and what inspiration do you want to share with the industry and consumers?
  2. What values or traits do you know to be true no matter the situation? Wellness? Sustainability? Giving back?
  3. What is the mission of the company? What specifically does the company do (type of product or service)?
  4. Who is the target audience and what problem are you solving for them?
  5. What are is the #1 reason consumers will believe in you? What is the company's uniqueness? What makes you stand out from the competition? AKA the company’s unique selling proposition.
  6. What are the key personality characteristics of the business that you can capitalize on? Is the company fun or educational; friendly and approachable or rebellious and innovative? Is the company family oriented or young and trendy?

Head over to my free resources page and download the FREE Recipe for Successful Brand Workbook. It’ll give you some ideas for where to focus your storytelling and connect with your audience.

Or let’s brainstorm ideas together and create the brand of your dreams. Schedule here for a complimentary discovery chat.

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