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  • Consumer Path to Purchase Guide

    A mini-guide for you to learn focused steps to engage and interact
    with your customers in a meaningful way.

    Understanding the journey your customers take from your brand being an unknown, to brand loyalty can be a winding road. The goal is to invest in each turn along the journey and invite your consumer to hop in for the ride. What is paramount for any brand is to build products and experiences that connect with your customer. It is these experiences and touchpoints that engage consumers and keep them coming back for more. Building lasting relationships that shape your brand and bring loyalty and advocacy to the forefront are critical in today’s market.

    Path to Purchase

    360° Journey

    Download the Guide

  • Authentic Content Guide

    Content Success starts with Triple E

    Execute, Engage and Excite

    • Excite your fans and influencers to do the talking

    • Engage and be a part of the conversation

    • Execute with original and curated content

    • The goal is to bring together the right elements and grow this interaction through a network of information, opinions, and conversations

    • Authentic and personalized relationship bring trust and support

      Engage and be a part of the conversation

    • Content engagement is crucial as a connection to your fan


    This workbook is filled with starter questions to get you in tune with your fans, exercises to help you outline your strategy, objectives, and tactics, reminders for topics related to a 30/60/10 content strategy, and hashtag starter ideas.

    A content management tool to organize your partnerships, themes, holidays, promotions, trend highlights, and weekly inspiration. An annual and monthly calendar to keep your consistent messaging organized.

    What you will learn:

    1. Content strategy, objectives, and tactics
    2. Goals for leveraging your content
    3. The 30/60/10 content strategy rule
    4. Why a content calendar is important
    5. Where to post all your great content
    6. Why authentic and consistent content is your goal

    Watch the video and download the workbook and calendar template.

  • Packaging Checklist for Food Labels

    A checklist that will help you get the right "stuff" on your food label -
    while keeping your messaging consistent and “on brand”.

    You have your packaging design consistent and “on brand” now you need to create packaging specific to each product. I’ve created a checklist that will help you think through all the details for your product label. Use this document as a starting point to be sure you have all the right information related to the FDA requirements and also to allow your Company “Reasons to Believe” statements and brand voice to be consistent and encourage purchases. I’ve include FDA Guideline links and be sure to add elements that are specific to your company and your products. Make this checklist your own.

    Download the Checklist

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