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Consumer Path to Purchase - Loyalty

A 360° Brand Journey from Discovery to Advocacy

Everyday consumers - your target audience - make buying decisions through all kinds of intel, inspiration or emotional connections. It might be an advertisement, news report, a conversation with a friend, a product trial or one-to-one selling. Those triggers are part of the Consumer Path to Purchase. The path is not linear as people can come in and out of the steps but the idea is generally consistent with discovery and engagement, leading to conversion, instilling loyalty and advocacy.

The Path to Consumer consists of the below steps. In today's blog we will focus on Loyalty.

  • Discovery
  • Engagement
  • Trial 
  • Conversion
  • Loyalty 
  • Advocacy 


Loyalty is a primary brand goal. This is most easily demonstrated by retaining customers with continued interactions, education, and storytelling. Building a loyal fan base is the result of consistently positive emotional experiences and physical connections that elevate the perceived value of your brand and products. Loyal customers can also become the brand’s best advocates for promoting and sharing information and recommendations of your products.

Loyal fans should also be rewarded using coupons and discounts. Loyalty programs are a great tool as they provide incentives to repeat customers. Many eCommerce platforms provide programs specifically designed to reward your customers for their online interaction with your brand.

Loyalty Tactics Examples

360° Holistic Adventure

The Path to Consumer is an exciting journey for both the brand and the consumer. Your brand vision and messaging ultimately connect with your customer and they, in turn, identify with and support your product or service. Success is right around the corner and the drive is a 360° holistic adventure - Discovery, Engagement, Trial, Conversion, Loyalty, and Advocacy - all connecting to build up the awareness of your brand and the engagement of current and new fans.

The world is changing fast and the Path to Consumer shifts with consumer attitudes, the numerous connected devices, brick and mortar outlets, and direct to consumer shout-outs that happen in our chaotic world. Be sure to know your customer - where, how, and why they are shopping. Knowing your target consumer allows you to identify and develop effective marketing communications strategies and guide them through the journey. Frequent touch-points need to happen on the road in order for consumers to become loyal advocates for your brand.Add paragraph text here.

Start your messaging from the top with your brand Vision and Values. What inspiration and storytelling can you b