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    Brandamentals Academy™

    Virtual Brand Mentor

    This is the place to download marketing and branding tips, tricks, and insights to grow your business!

  • Authentic Content Guide

    Execute, Engage, Excite

    What you will learn:

    Setting your strategy, objectives, and tactics

    Goals for leveraging your content

    The 30/60/10 content strategy rule

    Why a content calendar is important

    Where you should post all this great content

    Why authentic and consistent content is your goal

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    Execute, Engage, Excite

    This workbook is filled with starter questions to get you in tune with your fans, exercises to help you outline your strategy, objectives and tactics, reminders for topics related to a 30/60/10 content strategy, and hashtag starter ideas.

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    Execute, Engage, Excite

    A content management tool to organize your partnerships, themes, holidays, promotions, trend highlights, and weekly inspiration. An annual and monthly calendar to keep your consistent messaging organized.