• Recipe for a Successful Brand Workshop

    For Food And Beverage Brands

    Food and beverage companies looking to win consumers and build brand recognition are invited to attend an in-person workshop hosted by marketing maven Kristine Carey, of Brand Guide and design expert Karyn Savory, of Sweet & Savory Designs. The Branding Workshop will help you identify your brand positioning with consistent and authentic messaging and visual design psychology.

    The workshop is a three hour session where you will learn how to connect the vision of your business with smart messaging and key visual cues that will help your brand stand out, cut through the clutter, amplify your brand promise and establish brand recall.

    Brand positioning creates clarity and guidance around what you do and for who you serve. It also defines to your target consumer why you are the best company for them and gives them reasons to believe in you and your products. Creating a consistent brand personality will help you connect with your customers and connection builds engagement, conversion, loyalty, and ultimately advocacy.

    Workshop Highlights

    • Understanding the key components to great storytelling and connecting to your target audience
    • Vision: Create and share your company inspiration, commitment, and purpose with a strong roadmap
    • Mission: Define what you do and how you attract your target audience
    • Reasons to Believe: Understand and develop business proof points that build trust
    • Brand Character: Discover a tone of voice and detail out the personality of your company
    • The importance of design psychology through the use of color, typography, photography and symbolism
    • Bonus: Live review of an existing brand

    Date: Wednesday January 11th, 2023 4-7 pm

    Enterprise CoWorking RiNo
    3000 Lawrence St, Denver, CO 80205

    Time: 4-7pm

    Cost: $75

    Workshop is limited to 20 people

    Kristine will share her roadmap for brand positioning with consistent and authentic messaging. Learn how brand positioning creates strategic clarity around what you do and who you serve.

    Karyn will share the importance of design psychology. Learn how to express your business' personality through the use of color, typography, photography and symbolism.

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