• FoodPreneur Brand Launch

    From Proof of Concept to Brand Development

  • Brand Guide Approach


    Hi I'm Kristine and together with a collective of trusted partners I guide FoodPreneurs – CPG companies – in the startup and growth-stage who struggle with inconsistent brand messaging

    and would like to find a clear path to spark a change in their communication strategy. I believe

    that a clear brand narrative is a prerequisite to a scalable business.


    My approach is simple to help you build a smart strategy and communications plan that takes into account the stage of your business. I believe in your passion and bring the energy and drive to deliver a plan of action for brand strategy, and engaging storytelling.


    Brand Guide can help you launch your brand with consistent and authentic messaging capitalizing on your vision with a captivating story.


    Schedule a complimentary discovery call.

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  • Brand Jump-Start

    Brand Positioning and Proof of Concept

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    Key Deliverables

    Market Insights

    Brand Fundamentals & Positioning

    Creative Deliverables:

    • Vision Boards
    • Mock Packaging
    • Brand Positioning Presentation Slides
    • This program is developed for companies in the start-up and growth-stage and allows us to get to answers, alignment and proof of concept very quickly.
    • We will come out of the Jump Start with a very clear idea of your brand voice and positioning.
    • Key to a  Jump Start is a quick-turn team effort. 
  • Brand Solution

    Brand Development and Product Launch

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    Key Deliverables

    Market Insights

    Brand Fundamentals & Positioning

    Creative Deliverables:

    • Logo Development
    • Style Guide
    • Brand Messaging and Product Content
    • Packaging Development
    • Website Design & Development
    • This program is developed for companies who are ready to launch in retail.
    • Based on market insights we will develop key creative and messaging deliverables to put your products on shelf.
  • Partners

    Brand Guide works with amazing partners, everything from graphic designers, website masters and photographers. We are ready to work together to help you build your business. With decades of experience we will hone in on what you need for continued success.


    Our job is to provide you with a strategic plan and a clear brand narrative to help you launch or scalable your business. We have deep connections in the CPG category and we will keep you headed in the right direction.

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    Website & Ecommerce

    MyFoodPreneur develops websites and manages digital marketing initiatives with extensive experience working with a variety of ecommerce platforms, managing email campaigns, social media accounts, content writing, and directing google ad campaigns.


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    Graphic Design

    Sweet & Savory Designs goal is to navigate the branding process with confidence & clarity with the same level of heart, soul, and passion as your product or service. Through the use of design psychology your brand identity and personality will shine through the use of color, typography, and design.

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    Four Course Media offers high-quality, custom assets to highlight your products from photography, stop motion and 60-second videos. They also develop recipes that highlight your product, are easy to replicate in a home kitchen, and fit the dietary needs/lifestyles of your target audience!

  • Free 30-Minute Discovery Call

    I understand your biggest struggle with inconsistent brand messaging &

    the execution of that messaging.

    I can help you find a clear path to spark a change in your communication strategy.