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  • Brand Guide and The Greater Goods Partner

    to Help Better-For-You CPG Food Startups Build a Go to Market Launch Strategy

    Kristine Carey Of Brand Guide And Bernard Verkaaik Of The Greater Goods Food Business Consulting Bring Enhanced Expertise To CPG Brand Building And Go-To-Market Strategies For The Better-For-You Food Category.

    The duo of Brand Guide and The Greater Goods are helping startup companies to win consumers and build brand recognition in the better-for-you food category. The Greater Goods food business consulting team has developed the Go To Market Program which is a two-phased approach to launching a startup food business into the market. Phase one is brand positioning, creative development, and buyer validation. Phase two is the go-to-market strategy and launch plan.

    Brand Guide is partnering with The Greater Goods to provide branding expertise and working directly with the startup founders to align the companies with consistent and authentic messaging. The goal is to combine the entrepreneur’s passion for starting the business, product innovation, and relevant trends and consumer needs in the category.

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    “We launched the Go To Market Program this year because of an influx of food startup inquiries in our business,” says Bernard Verkaaik, founder of The Greater Goods. “There are so many new and exciting food company introductions that we know we can help launch into North America. We support both Canadian and US markets and we are the starting point for grocery buyer validation and in-market launch. We are currently taking submissions to join the Go To Market Program.”

    Phase 1: Assessing Market Opportunity

    Buyer validation with brand positioning and mock packaging.

    Phase 2: Go-to-Market Strategy

    Plan your launch with experts from Brand Guide and The Greater Goods

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    “I’m am excited to share my expertise for brand building along with a strong roadmap for developing messaging and creative storytelling that connects with consumers,” said Kristine Carey, Founder of Brand Guide and Brandamentals Academy. “The Greater Goods Go To Market Program is an excellent guide to help startup and emerging brands launch into the natural, specialty, and conventional grocery markets.”