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  • Competitive Analysis

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    Competitive Analysis is Key to Highlighting Your Brands White Space

    Conducting a competitive analysis is a high priority for your business plan. Understanding the competitive set and researching the category provides strategic data points. Understand how your competitors message, what they are selling, promotions, relationships, and brand identity. By evaluating the competition you can create advantages and unique selling propositions that play up your strengths. Competitive research allows you to find the white space and problems to solve for your target audience. Look closely to what is happening with competitors, in your category and adjacent like-minded brands so you can see the path that is ahead of you.

    Why Is This Deep Dive Important?

    • Gets you out of your bubble - many times you start talking to yourself with no outside stimulus and that can send you down a rabbit hole that you didn’t need to check out
    • Keeps you relevant and understanding the movement in your category and with the competition
    • Allows you to see openings for new ideas and innovation - product development, customer service or messaging ideas
    • It can make you a better marketer
    • You can also take advantage of your competitors weaknesses
    • Similar to knowing your target audience - knowing our competition gives you the needed insights to guide your business
    • BUT - don’t let it run your business - live your Purpose and Vision


    What is Included:

    • Best practices for conducting a competitive review
    • How to create a competitive grid, wtih examples
    • How to create a visual overview of key competitors, with examples

    Electronic Download: $10

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  • 12 Key Archetypes - Brand Character Development

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    A strong brand is built on storytelling, trust, authenticity and connecting with your audience.


    Archetypes represent fundamental human personalities, behaviors and motivations and are

    collectively-inherited unconscious ideas, patterns of thought or images, that are universally

    present in our minds.


    A personality tied to your brand creates meaning and tells your audience how it relates to

    their lifestyle. Just like a human interaction we are able to manage the meaning of a brand

    through a common structure of stereotyping.



    What is Included:

    • 12 archetype descriptions
    • Key characteristics
    • Brand/Company examples
    • Sample Colors
    • Sample Fonts

    Electronic Download: $20

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