• Recipe For A Successful Brand

    Brandjectory Webinar

    Connecting With Your Consumer Beyond Your Products

  • Defining Consistent and Authentic Branding and Storytelling

    Brand positioning creates clarity and guidance around what you do and for who you serve. It also defines to your target consumer why you are the best company for them and gives them reasons to believe in you and your products. Creating a consistent brand personality will help you connect with your customers and connection builds engagement, conversion, loyalty, and ultimately advocacy.


    Defining Consistent and Authentic Branding and Storytelling
    What is a Brand & The Branding Framework

    Vision: Create your company inspiration, commitment, and purpose

    Values: Aligning with four to five core values and principles that will shape company culture

    Mission: Define what you do and for who

    Reasons to Believe: Understand and develop business proof points that build trust

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  • Brand Guide Approach


    HI I'm Kristine and together with a collective of trusted partners I guide FoodPreneurs – CPG companies – in the startup and growth-stage who struggle with inconsistent brand messaging

    and would like to find a clear path to spark a change in their communication strategy.


    My approach is simple to help you build a smart strategy and communications plan that takes into account the stage of your business. I believe in your passion and bring the energy and drive to deliver a plan of action for brand strategy, and engaging storytelling.


    Brand Guide can help you launch your brand with consistent and authentic messaging capitalizing on your vision with captivating visuals.


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    4-Week Brand and Storytelling Challenge

    Jumpstart your brand story and connect with your consumer beyond your products.

    A group collaboration and coaching with Kristine Carey of Brand Guide.

    Limited to five attendees (brands) for focused and individual attention and learning.

    Challenge Promise

    You will create brand positioning and messaging that

    connects with your consumer beyond your products.

    • Member collaboration and motivation
    • Great support directly with Kristine and other attendees
    • Super value with best practices, tips, insights to build your brand
    • Develop messaging that converts and helps create authentic connections

    Four Weeks - 1 Hour Sessions Each

    1. Define your Brand Vision and Values
    2. Outline your mission and target audience
    3. Personify your brands characteristics
    4. Share your final brand positioning direction

    Three Workbooks Help You Align Your Key Deliverables

    1. Brand Guide_Recipe For A SuccessfulBrand_Workbook
      1. Overview of the value of branding
      2. Key questions to help you align your vision, values, mission, target audience, reasons to believe and brand characteristics
    2. Brand Guide_Workbook_Target Audience
      1. Outline key demographics and psychographics
      2. Define your customers key identifiers
    3. Brand-Archetype_Onesheets
      1. Archetype definitions, key characteristics, example brands and color and font samples
      2. Selection of archetype
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    I will share my roadmap

    for brand success.

    Challenge Details

    • 4-weeks
    • 1 hour session each
    • Zoom link will be provided
    • Limited to five attendees (brands) for focused and individual attention and learning
    • Workbooks will be provided digitally
    • Dates and Time
      • May 25 and June 1, 8, 15, 2023
      • Time: 4-5pm MT

    “Kristine Carey with Brand Guide is a great resource for beginning and current business owners. She's been a great help to me, and has really taken the time to get to know me as a business owner to better assist with my business development! Kristine is a wealth of information, and I highly recommend her workshops or a private session for any business owner!”


    Madeline Hagan, Founder Holistic Home & Health LLC and Twin Beaters LLC


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    More Details on the Brand Challenge.

  • What They Are Saying


    "I highly encouraged you to enroll in this workshop. You will get so much added value for your business. Kristine has a deep knowledge of the market, a wealth of expertise and most importantly a devotion to make you shine, she takes everything at heart, and will help your brand shine. She will truly be your partner in building a successful journey. Most importantly she has the principal and values that matter most."

    Karim Marrouch, Market Launch Strategist, The Greater Goods


    "Kristine's workshops are the real deal! Your company will benefit!"

    Steve Wangler, VP Sales, The Good Crisp Company


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