• Recipe For A Successful Brand

    Marketing Power Hour

    Central Mountain SBDC

  • Defining Consistent and Authentic Branding and Storytelling


    Attracting Your Target Audience

    Brand positioning creates clarity and guidance around what you do and for who you serve. It also defines to your target consumer why you are the best company for them and gives them reasons to believe in you and your products. Creating a consistent brand personality will help you connect with your customers and connection builds engagement, conversion, loyalty, and ultimately advocacy.


    Defining Consistent and Authentic Branding and Storytelling
    What is a Brand & The Branding Framework

    Vision: Create your company inspiration, commitment, and purpose

    Values: Aligning with four to five core values and principles that will shape company culture

    Competitive Analysis: Identifying, investigating, and analyzing the competitive set and your category overall


    Attracting Your Target Audience

    Mission: Define what you do

    Target Audience: Define how you attract your target audience

    Reasons to Believe: Understand and develop business proof points that build trust

    Brand Character: Discover a tone of voice and detail out the personality of your company

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  • Effective Content

    Setting your strategy, objectives and tactics

    Leveraging your content

    30/60/10 Content Strategy Rule

    Content calendar

    Where to post

    Why authentic and consistent content is your goal


    Download the Effective Content Calendar Template

  • Brand Guide Approach


    HI I'm Kristine and together with a collective of trusted partners I guide FoodPreneurs – CPG companies – in the startup and growth-stage who struggle with inconsistent brand messaging

    and would like to find a clear path to spark a change in their communication strategy.


    My approach is simple to help you build a smart strategy and communications plan that takes into account the stage of your business. I believe in your passion and bring the energy and drive to deliver a plan of action for brand strategy, and engaging storytelling.


    Brand Guide can help you launch your brand with consistent and authentic messaging capitalizing on your vision with captivating visuals.


    Schedule a complimentary discovery call.

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    I understand your biggest struggle with inconsistent brand messaging &

    the execution of that messaging.

    I can help you find a clear path to spark a change in your communication strategy.