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  • Setting Your Marketing Budget
    To Get Results

    A simple budgeting template to prioritize and allocate your spending.

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    Marketing Budget Template

    Setting your marketing budget can be challenging and you don’t want to play with your business money like it is Monopoly money. It is important to set up a budget with key objectives so that you can prioritize and measure your success. Where do you start?

    1. Start with your marketing strategy

    2. Set your marketing budget

    3. Prioritize your marketing tactics

    Be realistic with the tactics and resources you are allocating - people and dollars. What categories of marketing tactics are most important to connect with your target audience? I have included a downloadable excel spreadsheet that I have bucketed the different categories you should consider for your business. When determining your priorities look at this as an evolving process, not a one-time exercise. Your marketing strategy should be focused but it is also a test and learn model. You should always be learning and adapting to what is and is not working.