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    A Marketing Communications Guided Path

    with Kristine Carey

  • Hi, I am Kristine Carey the founder of Brand Guide, advising companies on marketing communication strategy, tactics, and brand development.


    I am also the creator and advisor of Brandamentals Academy™ an eLearning branding and marketing communications course for startup and emerging brands with purpose-driven and better-for-you products and services. I am a mission-driven strategist with an entrepreneurial spirit working with small startups and mid-sized brands.


    I enjoy leading companies and their teams through the adventurous routes of brand development and creative storytelling.

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  • Brand Guide

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    Brand Experience

    I have executively led marketing communications programs in the natural products category with such brands as Food Business Consulting, Wedderspoon Organic, Healthy Skoop, and MyChelle Dermaceuticals, and the outdoor industry with Sierra Designs, Ultimate Direction, and Mountainsmith. I also advise in the cannabis space with companies such as Space Food Sticks, The Vivid Team, and Keef Brands.

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    Mentor & Advisor

    Volunteering my expertise as a mentor and ambassador to organizations is important to me. I am a mentor & advisor with Uncharted Social Impact Accelerator, University of Colorado Leeds School of Business New Venture Launch, Canopy Boulder Accelerator, and the Telluride Venture Accelerator.

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    Committee Member & Volunteer

    I am a member of the Denver, Metro Caring Food Access Sustainability and Innovation Committee. This committee is charged with embarking on a project to re-imagine Metro Caring’s fresh foods market in alignment with their mission of ending hunger at its root. I am the give-back committee ambassador for Naturally Boulder a community leader in the Natural Products industry and over the last three years, I have worked with the Naturally Boulder community to signup over 300 volunteers for a total of 35 events at the Denver facility.

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    Online business, branding, and communications course to help startup and emerging brands build consistent messaging across their business.

  • Webinar Information

    In Partnership with the Grand Junction Business Incubator
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    10 Key Action Areas To Accelerate Awareness and Growth In Your Business

    Guidance to accelerate your business and connect with your audience.

    Are you looking for a roadmap to accelerate awareness and growth in your business? This FREE webinar will walk through 10 key actions you can implement to grow your business and make an impact. Topics for discussion will include: accelerating trends, stewarding an omnichannel program, connecting your digital content, and providing retailer value.

    Date: Tuesday, April 20, 2021, 10 am

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    Execute, Engage and Excite with Authentic Content

    Plan your content strategy.

    This FREE webinar will have ideas and tips for creating engaging content for your business. I'm sharing the top areas to focus your attention to gain e-commerce traffic for your business. Excite your fans and influencers to do the talking. Engage and be a part of the conversation. Execute with original and curated content. The goal is to bring together the right elements and grow your online interaction through a network of information, opinions, and conversation

    Date: Friday, April 23, 2021, 10 am